I grew up watching a LOT of tv in Seattle, Washington. Cartoons in the morning, cartoons after school, cartoons on Saturday mornings, Time-Life music compilationcommercials, then game shows like “The Price is Right,” “$20,000 Pyramid,” ‘Card Sharks,” then later at night, “Six Million Dollar Man,” “CHiPs,” “Three’s Company,” “Knight Rider”–anything and everything, I watched it.  

At the end of the game shows or sit-coms, an announcer would proudly announce that the show was filmed before alive studio audience in Hollywood, California, or in Burbank, California, Van Nuys, California.  Hearing that voice after being enthralled by the tv show made quite an impression on me. California must be so amazing, always sunny and warm, full of “California Girls” that give off “Good Vibrations!” For a young kid in dreary Seattle, California was a dream.  

My family and I left Seattle and I lived a bit of a nomadic life, living here and there for several years at a time.  I ended up going to college in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and after living through a record breaking cold winter, I decided I had enough of dreary weather.  So after graduation, I decided to move to that place that was always in my heart yet seemed so far away and out of reach, the place of my childhood dreams, California.

Every place I lived before, I always knew it was only temporary.  And like a foster pet that’s finally adopted, I moved to Los Angeles and found my forever home.  It’s been over 25 years since I made that move and the dream that was California is now my daily reality.  I met my wife here, we started a family and no matter what life throws at me, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.  

After going down a number of different career paths, I started my real estate career in commercial property management.  I helped negotiate leases for new and renewing tenants, bid out and negotiate contracts for maintenance and repairs, help landlords and tenants resolve disputes as well as doing all the financial paperwork required in managing commercial properties.  At my peak, I managed over 20 commercial properties and 300 tenants spread out over many different neighborhoods across Los Angeles. Every week I was driving all over Los Angeles, from the San Gabriel Valley to Malibu, Santa Clarita to Gardena and everywhere in between.  I got to experience many of the unique neighborhoods that make up Los Angeles and the dream that seemed so far away, I got to know quite intimately. 

Now I use the knowledge and experience I gained from property management to make it easy for people to buy or sell a home in our quilt of a city.  It is my honor every time a client entrusts me with buying or selling a home. For many, this may be the single largest financial transaction they will make so I strive to give the best guidance by being my best–being up to date with the latest market information, employing firm negotiating strategy, being diligent with follow-through, keeping with new technology and marketing practices, and most importantly, keeping my clients’ best interests at the heart of every action.

On a personal note, I live in the Van Nuys area of Los Angeles. When I have time, I enjoy driving on twisty canyon roads, snowboarding and trying to get better at jiu jitsu.  I attend Toastmaster meetings to improve my public speaking skills and Sundays at Bel Air Church help me to stay in touch with my spiritual side.

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